1st Global Offshore Wind Summit 2019 is held by WFO- WORLD FORUM OSSHIRE WIND that established in 2018 which is a non-profit organization in Germany, with offices in Hamburg and Singapore. WFO contributes to a sustainable electricity generation and consequently to the reduction of global CO2 emissions. Moreover, WFO is determined to accelerate the exploitation of its global potential with the target of more than 500GW of installed capacity by 2050.

This summit invited people from industry, government and academy to discuss the future of wind farm in Taiwan and the development of green energy in Asia. To build the biggest offshore wind platform and become the main speaker of Global offshore wind energy. Vocal Middle as the strategic PR consultant in Taiwan not only organize professional conference, but also extend media strategy from past experiences to create more media attention and market trend. To connect within such a short time, Vocal Middle well-arranged from registration processional to professional conference planning includes 2-day program and media management.


1st Global Offshore Wind Summit 2019第一屆離岸風力發電高峰會,由德國世界海上風電論壇(World Forum Offshore Wind,簡稱WFO)舉辦。WFO是2018年新成立非營利性的全球組織,於漢堡及新加坡設有辦事處。WFO致力減少全球二氧化碳排放、促進離岸風電發展與帶動產業連結,透過各地政府聯合推動,以「500 by 50」為使命,期能在2050年發電容量超過 500 GW,解決全球電力問題。

本次會議廣邀全球產官學界參與,除了看重潛力無限的台灣風場與未來亞洲區綠電的發展,更重要的是打造「以亞洲崛醒、全球發聲的風電大平台實力,廣邀供應鏈中的企業、綠電產業成為會員,形成全球離岸風電主要發聲者。」VOCAL MIDDLE 作為台灣策略顧問,不僅從專業論壇服務規劃,亦從過去客戶服務經驗中延展在媒體策略,營造更多媒體關注與市場動態的更新,讓WFO能在短時間與在地接軌、完善規劃從報名到會議專業管理,完善執行兩天一夜之議程與完善媒體經營管理。


  •  Taiwan is the rising star of offshore wind energy due to excellent geography location and also Taiwan has the need of clear and safe electricity. That is, public and media in Taiwan pay close attention to offshore wind energy.

  • As a global association, WFO has abundant industry experiences and knowledge of supply chain. Through communicate with various parties and promote green energy with innovate method, WFO effectively fostering market of global offshore wind energy.


  • 台灣地理位置優越,台灣海峽在每年10月開始東北季風,彰化沿海地區的常年風速極高,可見台灣海上風力發電的潛力驚人。同時受廢核、空污議題影響,台灣極需相對安全、乾淨的產出電力,同時擁有全球數一數二的風場資源,因此離岸風力發電廣受媒體與民眾關注。

  • WFO作為全球化的專業組織,擁有豐富產業經驗與熟稔供應鏈的優勢、與各地相關單位溝通、推動綠能轉型,透過創新方法可提供全球離岸風電能源的數據,有效促動全球風電市場成長與受益。


  • Well-established process and experiencing local culture in this global summit:

The two days professional conference required considering communication theme, event process and traffic flow arrangement, from registration mechanism, presentation styles, conference materials, F&B, accommodation, souvenir, software and hardware organizing, etc. With choosing the Grand Hotel Taipei with Chinese cultural characteristic as conference venue and local representative pineapple cake as souvenir, which well-combined both experiences from traditional and modern. The dinner arrangement of the chartered cruise can better present the ingenuity of the organizer, and it also shortened the distance between the participants and the host in easy and leisurely approach, created more networking opportunities, and let nearly 150 foreign and domestic VIPs felt excellent experience.

  • Well-completed the expected management with professional experiences:

Despite the geographical distance between Germany and Taiwan, professional consultancy team has not only overcome the problem of different location and time zone, but also purposed various potential problems and risky concern with extensive experiences in conference organizing. In addition, through mastering the expected situation and analyzing the execution details, the conference has met the expected objectives of customer without restriction, and the benefits of cooperation between the WFO and Vocal Middle has been maximized.


  • 完善流程,體驗在地文化的國際盛會:


  • 千里之隔,以專業經驗完善期待管理:



  • Roll out to global in Taiwan:

As the first offshore wind summit in Asia and global, VM assisted and fostered the development of offshore wind energy and suppliers to join WFO and extend market in Europe or even global market. In addition, to connect with other members through internet and platform, and also successfully created first step with related industries.

  • The media expert of wind energy:

With media profession and past experiences with wind energy industry, VM assisted WFO to establish a platform with media. Except sharing latest information with media, also allowed WFO members to express future plan.

  • Media exposure:

In-depth and professional report, global successful experiences, future development of WFO and etc., effectively achieved the objectives of this project.


  • 全球發聲、台灣領航:

作為亞洲及全球第一站的離岸風電論壇,VOCAL MIDDLE 協助與推動台灣風電發展之供應鏈廠商加入WFO能夠有機會跨足歐洲及全球市場,與其他會員產生連結,且透過網路與平台,提供資訊與創造交流機會。本次不論午宴或晚宴安排,皆創造與會的賓客社交的機會,由WFO作為領航者成功打造產業互動交流第一步。

  • 風電產業、媒體先決:

以 VOCAL MIDDLE 在媒體的專業度與過去協助風電業者經驗 (詳見案例:艾納康開幕暨媒體活動),於活動現場協同WFO建立與媒體溝通的平台,除了分享近期風電產業新知也讓WFO會員能更進一步說明發展與推動計畫,成功營造風電論壇勢場與產業會員推動的市場。

  • 媒體報導: